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12 Twisted Tales from America's Deep South!

"Teeth Marks belongs on the top ten list of best horror literature of 2017. It’s a ghastly fun ride.”

- Renier Palland, Bloody Good Horror Books

"Matthew Weber writes with a simple and straight-forward style that reminds us of the best story tellers. I’ve always had a weakness for those who tell it like they were sitting across from you on the porch on an Autumn evening, sipping tea and spinning yarns. Weber’s work is a lot like that but man, the yarns he spins…”

- John Boden, author of Jedi Summer & The Magnetic Kid and Spungunion

Teeth Marks is exactly the kind of horror I enjoy. It jumps and jives all over the place...  As a collection it flows well, and there’s a great deal of darkness mixed with black humor.”

- Michael Noe, Slap Happy Fun Time

Two-story e-books...

"Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2 delivers the goods and then some!"

- Brian James Lewis,  The Horror Review

"At times darkly poetic and full of hopeful sorrow, then grinding gears and shifting into the hilariously disgusting. Get ready for some amazing shit!"

- Rachel Autumn Deering, author of Husk

"Strong work. Lutke and Runge are standouts."

- Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door

"Twists and turns abound, Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2  is double the nightmare from Hell."

- Nathon Balka, Jack of No Trades Productions

12 Stories from 6 Authors!

Also available from Pint Bottle Press in paperback and e-book...