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"Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2 delivers the goods and then some!"

- Brian James Lewis,  The Horror Review

"At times darkly poetic and full of hopeful sorrow, then grinding gears and shifting into the hilariously disgusting. Get ready for some amazing shit!"

- Rachel Autumn Deering, author of Husk

"Strong work. Lutke and Runge are standouts."

- Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door

"Twists and turns abound, Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2  is double the nightmare from Hell."

- Nathon Balka, Jack of No Trades Productions

12 Stories from 6 Authors!

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12 Twisted Tales from America's Deep South!


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"Each of the twelve offerings in this collection is just knock-down drag-out crazydamn good. I was reminded in all the best ways of Bentley Little's short stories, that relatable modern Americana feel, the kinds of things that could happen in anybody's town ... or neighborhood ... or very own home..”

- Christine Morgan, author of White Death and Spermjackers from Hell

"Matthew Weber writes with a simple and straight-forward style that reminds us of the best story tellers. I’ve always had a weakness for those who tell it like they were sitting across from you on the porch on an Autumn evening, sipping tea and spinning yarns. Weber’s work is a lot like that but man, the yarns he spins…”

- John Boden, author of Jedi Summer & The Magnetic Kid and Dominoes

Teeth Marks is exactly the kind of horror I enjoy. It jumps and jives all over the place...  As a collection it flows well, and there’s a great deal of darkness mixed with black humor.”

- Michael Noe, Slap Happy Fun Time